Rose Rock Coffee Bar

Specialty Lattes   8

Bananas Foster 
Banana and Caramel Syrups, 
Whipped Cream, & Banana Puree 

Mocha Mexicana 
Mexican Chocolate, Sweet Cayenne Syrup, Whipped Cream, & Mexican Sugar 

Coconut Jamaican Rum 
Coconut Syrup, Jamaican Rum Extract, Whipped Cream, & Toasted Coconut

Blueberry White Mocha 
Blueberry Syrup, White Mocha Sauce, 
Whipped Cream, & Blueberry Puree 

Bourbon Barrel Mocha 
Mocha Syrup, Bourbon Barrel Extract, Whipped Cream, & Onyx Sugar 

Lavender Honey 

Lavender and Honey Syrups, Whipped Cream, & Lavender Sugar 

Blackberry Mocha 
Blackberry Syrup, Mocha Sauce, Whipped Cream, & Blackberry Puree 

Nitro Cold Brew   7


Smoked Cherry Nitro Brew 

Our Nitro Brew with Smoked Cherry Syrup

Irish Cream Nitro Brew  

Our Nitro Brew with Irish Cream frothed cream 

Naked Nitro 

Rose Rock Coffee Rush on tap with a lovely head 

       *add frothed sweet cream    1

Shaken Iced Teas &

Lemonades   7

Mango Coconut Shaken Green Tea 

Sweet Mango & Coconut Syrup 

Raspberry Honey Shaken Green Tea 

Juicy Raspberry & Honey Syrups 

Blueberry Hibiscus Shaken Green Tea   

Blueberry & Hibiscus Syrups 

London Fog Shaken Black Tea                 

Bergamot, Vanilla, & Lavender Syrups 

Summer Berry Lemonade                       

Strawberry Rose, Blueberry, & Blackberry Syrups 



Coffee   2.5 

Americano   2.75

Latte   3.75 

Chai Latte   4.5
Hot Tea   3

Hot Chocolate   3.5                                        


Iced Tea   3.5                            

Iced Latte   4 

Iced Chai   4.75